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TheraLight Red Light Therapy

Our TheraLight Red Light Therapy provides a high-end recovery experience through the delivery of non-invasive, therapeutic red light technology for a relaxing whole body treatment like you’ve never had before.




Improved skin clarity, tone and texture

Increased collagen production

Reduced pain and inflammation

Enhanced weight loss

Increased testosterone production


Enhanced muscle recovery 

Improved athletic performance 

Increased circulation

What is Red Light Therapy?

With the absorption of this seemingly miraculous light, wavelengths are delivered into both the skin and cells catalyzing a reaction in the mitochondria leading to a significant stimulation in the body’s production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is simply known as our body’s main fuel source, which is often interrupted throughout the process of cellular respiration by the overproduction of nitric oxide through inevitable stress and other factors. In simple terms, red light wavelengths work to restore proper cell function. More over, the improvements of our cell’s ability to produce said energy even aids in the increase of protein synthesis and cell cycle progression.

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