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*Additional sessions can be added on to any membership at a discounted rate of $20 Per Session*

2 month minimum & 2 week cancellation notice

Per Session



 15 Minute Session

    (​$10 for every additional 15 minutes) 


      Current Members -  $20/month

(unlimited 15 min/ day)


HyperMax Oxygen Therapy

5 Sessions $250

10 Sessions $350

IV Therapy

No frillz crucial hydration, 1L Normal Saline (NS)

Loaded with all the essentials to help you reduce inflammation, nausea, and hydrate!

Aka the BEST Hangover Cure!

 1L NS ▪ Toradol ▪ Zofran ▪ B Vit Complex ▪ B 12 ▪ Vit C


Got that “bleh” feeling and just need a quick motivating push to get after it?

This has everything you need without all the fluff.

1L NS ▪ Vit B12 ▪ Vit C ▪ B Vit Complex


Perfectly designed to increase cellular metabolism and enhance fat burning while

giving you the energy to boost your basal metabolic rate and burn extra calories

throughout your day and with your daily workouts.

1L NS ▪ Vit B12 ▪ Vit C ▪ B Vit Complex

▪ Lipostat


The “Fountain of Youth” – rejuvenate your cells with NAD+, a key cofactor to help your cells create ATP – the essential source of energy for our body. It is a vital part of keeping our cells young and play a critical role in combating cellular aging. We are born with the highest levels of NAD+ when we are born and deplete our stores as we age. Begin NAD+ treatment now to keep your body feeling and operating as young as ever.

NAD ▪ Vit B12 ▪ Magnesium ▪ Vit C ▪ B Vit Complex ▪ Zinc ▪ Biotin ▪ Glutathione ▪ Zofran

All Inclusive

The best of everything! We call it the "Nurse Shauna Special", best all around and all inclusive IV. Get more energy, metabolism boost, cellular recovery, mental clarity, immune boost & so much more!

1L NS ▪ Vit B12 ▪ Vit C ▪ B Vit Complex ▪ Lipostat ▪ Biotin ▪ Zinc

▪ Magnesium ▪ Glutathione

Military & First Responders Rate Available

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